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Happiness emanates from…

Most of us tend to equate happiness with fun, good living and plenty of money. If happiness were synonymous with this, rich and influential people with all their luxuries and countless parties would be perpetually happy. But in actual fact, they are frequently acutely unhappy despite their riches and ability to indulge in fun activities at will.
Happiness remains the goal of every individual whether he or she is the president of the country or a matinee idol. Every one of us wants to be happy. But happiness is not a fruit waiting to be plucked off a tree, nor is it sealed and wrapped, complete with expiry date, available for a price on the nearest supermarket shelf. One can achieve happiness only by working for it.
Happiness is perhaps a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but to reach it we must find the way and build a road leading to it, notwithstanding the fact that, at every moment, the horizon appears just that little bit farther away. As Joseph Addison once said, “True happiness arises from the enjoyment of oneself and the friendship and fellowship of companions and kin.”
Mumbai, India

Bullying cases

Harassment cases across Pakistan are increasing day by day. I strongly censure all the victims of it seriously just a day before one of our talented artiste “Lila Belle Khan” talked about her harassment which was attempted by one of a body guard in Lahore.
The point of writing this letter is making no judgment of anyone like the way they are dressed, walk or talk; it is seriously none of our business if a girl walks sleeveless; it doesn’t mean she is characterless or a nasty girl. Maybe her relation with Almighty is far better than our’s. It is so sad that how many of us stand together and have been through similar situations but if we are able to speak up and fight against this aggravation we are an army on our own.
We should now speak up about these kinds of matter taking places within our country and start some campaigns for girls how to secure yourself and how to be strong enough to protect your own body from Therianthropic.

SL slaps BJP!

Scribe has no words for paying thanks to honourable Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for rejecting (strictly) Pakistan’s involvement in his country during interview to the Hindustan Times. He also paid thanks for offering forensic help and guidelines during fight with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels which had the backing of so-called Secular India. Shame, shame (…)!
A prominent newspaper of India ‘The Hindu’ also, recognized involvement of Modi’s government in the massacre of Sri Lanka, in its issue of April 27, 2019. The writer writes that; suspected mastermind was indoctrinated in India (Tamil Nadu area) which killed 300+ people recently. Even then Modi’s team – Israel, US (…) are trying to involve Pakistan in this heinous crime. The Sri Lankan investigators are also probing about claim of IS – Uncle Sam’s created terrorists – who claimed responsibility!
The analysts of LTTE have unearthed that this Movement was initiated by RAW in the mid 70s. Its terrorism was started from Sri Lanka in the 80s. Throughout insurgency of LTTE, the breeding ground of this Movement was Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Its ethnic factor was exploited with the theme for gathering Tamil population from both countries (India & Sri Lanka) for larger context of – Greater India!!
Selecting a Muslim – one can say by name only – was trained by Indian agencies for Easter bombing, for gaining strategic-objectives: One, the Muslims are real terrorist; Two, Sri Lankan security is ill-trained to meet such challenges (thus) need Indian assistance rather Pakistan; Three, a clear-cut message to Sri Lanka that Modi can use LTTE as, he, used Mukti Bahini for breaking Pakistan. But Lankan’s slap on BJP down it to – Zeero!!
Tatrinote, AK

Misuse of official vehicles

It is really very disgusting and shameful that even in this “Naya Pakistan” like the past “Purana Pakistan” one can see many officers both from the federal and provincial organizations who are using a number of government vehicles when the common man in this country is paying taxes in spite of rising prices, recession and inflation. It is a known fact that the government vehicles run on the cost of general public from their hard earnings collected through taxes and revenues but none come forward to stop the misuse of official vehicles by public servants.
I am shocked to see that several low grade officials from different public sector organizations enjoy brand new, chauffeur-driven jeep at their disposal round the clock, while many senior honest and upright officers either commute through public transport or ride to work on bikes. How can we expect from the present rulers that they would build a New Pakistan when such things go unchecked?

His name
is Khan

A dedicated person who had won the World Cup for Pakistan and constructed much needed cancer hospital which looked difficult but he succeeded, is now determined and committed to make this country corruption, terrorism free and economically sound in the world.
And for this purpose, he is taking all corrupts of the country into account without any sort of compromise owing to which incumbent government has come under immense criticism over each policy and step adopted and taken by it so far, which is definitely itself a change as previous gog and magog governments had never faced such criticism in the past.
Despite sever criticism, this man stand tall and still common citizens of country are supporting incumbent government only because of one person whose name is Imran Khan and he is not corrupt that’s all we know.

No facilities for Pak police

It is a well-known fact that a country’s police play a vital role for the maintenance of law and order in the country. I also appreciate the Pak Police that they are playing their role with honesty, but unfortunately it hurts me to mention that Police are being killed in Pakistan due to terror attacks. Like civilians, police men are also killed in terror attacks.
Generally, there is a misconception that Pak Police is not doing their duty honestly. Its main reason is that Pak Police are not facilitated; they do not have good equipment with which they can trace/deal with terrorists. Therefore, it is my humble request to the Government of Pakistan to provide good equipment to the Pak Police.

Safeguard salient benefits

Cyclone Fani has become the talk of the town in the Asian region apart from the West. More than the cynosure of all eyes or on top of everything, it is the salient benefits of such tropical storms as Cyclone Fani, that matter most and best. We have been all talking but no sincere and long-term steps have been taken so far to save the natural resources like rainwater, forests, trees and so on.
Even now there have been so many areas on the Earth crying for proper water and irrigation requirements. Largely depending on the natural resources like water, cities are no exceptions/no exemptions from the natural vagaries. In fact, my city life and professional activities at different places have largely exposed me to the colourful life and beautiful landscape brought together by seasonal monsoons. So many tropical storms have formed across the world, the countries now have to take sincere steps towards making the most of the Mother Nature’s gifts like monsoons, rainwater, rivers, seas, trees as the saying “Make Hay While The Sun Shines” goes.

High private schools fee

It is a common sight we see daily of accumulated load of knowledge. In turn the schools, where they go to seek education, are burdened with the responsibility of promoting literacy in the society, but it is the parents of the children who bear the cost. Thus, it is not a surprise that more than often, each points fingers at one another when the burden becomes too much to carry.
In response to some parents decrying ‘exorbitant’ fee charged by private schools, the case at Sindh High Court was somewhat settled recently when the court quashed a government rule which restricted increase in tuition fee by private schools to 5 percent, terming it as ‘constitutionally impermissible.’
The poor who hardly make both ends meet are unable to send their children to private schools. Owing to the exorbitant fee being charged by private schools, they fail to provide quality education to their children. As a result, they see no option but to send the children to government schools which have a comparatively poor quality of education. Hence, children are deprived of quality education. If the orders are obeyed in letter and in spirit children of the poor will also be able to make their dreams come true.