Vitori needs personal coaching for ratifying his bowling action

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Zimbabwe’s fast bowler Brian Vitori, who has been suspended from bowling for 12 months for few of his illegal deliveries believes that he “marginally” lost the tests (at the University of Pretoria, an ICC-accredited testing facility in South Africa, on December 12).
Speaking exclusively from Zimbabwe, the 27-year-old left arm fast bowler says, “just four balls (deliveries) were on 16 degrees”.
The permissible limit by the ICC is 15 degrees for straitening of the elbow.
“Yes, it is a very hard time now. Not an easy thing to go through”.
The bowler will now need to ratify his action.
“I want to approach the coach. I do not know of any good bowling coach that can help me. I need help but I can not afford it. I don’t have the money”, he said.
When asked to seek financial help from the Zimbabwe Cricket board, Vitori says, “no, they can not help at this point. They are not financially able at the moment”.
He, however, added, “I know it is hard to find help. And am sure Zimbabwe cricket will find help when they are financially stable”.
“Brian Vitori’s brother, Sau, who was also a cricketer but now in a teaching profession, says, “Personally I think if he can find a personal coach, it would be better for him because I have faith in him that he is a good player”.

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