Visualise, prayerise, and god will realise….!

IT was Sunday morning and the mother looked at her teenaged son, who lay sprawled on the sofa in the living room. “Come on son,” she said with a smile, “It’s time to leave for church.” “I’m not coming to church,” said her teenaged son, ‘I do not believe in God anymore.”
“Oh, oh!,” said his mother, walking to her son and sitting next to him, “You did till last week, didn’t you?” “But I don’t anymore,” mumbled the boy. “Does it have anything to do with your examination results?,” asked the mother, “that you failed this year?”
“May be,” said the son bitterly. “And you are blaming God for it?” asked the mother. “I am blaming God for not answering my prayer,” said the teenaged boy pressing his head into a pillow. “God doesn’t answer prayer!” “You seem to be quite convinced about this,” said the mother with a smile. “I asked the priest to pray for me, before the exams, then the youth leader said he prayed for me every night, grandma said she fasted and prayed for me, you and daddy made prayer requests for me. Yet God turned a deaf ear.”
“God,” said the mother quietly, “doesn’t ever turn a deaf ear.” “Then what happened?” shouted the teenaged boy. “Yes,” said the mother sadly, “I saw you on bended knees many many times.” “You did?” asked her son, “then why did God let me down?”
“When I was young,” said the mother, “a close friend of mine told me that if I wanted something badly there were two things I would have to do….visualize and prayerise. Did you visualize yourself passing in your exams?” “Well I thought with good solid prayer…”
“No,” said the mother, “You didn’t visualize yourself at all, because you did not put in any effort, you hardly studied, and so there was no vision in your mind of you passing. Without that picture of you passing what did you want God to do; magic?”
“He did say about believing……,” said the boy. “Where was your belief,” asked the mother. “If you didn’t believe in studying hard, how could you believe in passing?” “Mom,” said the teenaged boy, “You mean God is telling me something?”
“Son,” said the mother gently stroking her son’s head, “God wants you to be a strong young man who will put in his own mustard seed of effort, then you will see prayer at work. Come on son let’s go to the church and thank God for building us to become strong people.”
“Yes ma,” said the teenaged son, “God acts like a real Father you know. He wants us also to put in our own effort, and become strong children…!”The mother smiled.
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