VIP protocol

Shiza Khanzai

A very important person (VIP) is accorded special protocol due to his or her status. These VIP’s enjoy special treatment and many more perks on public money. VIP culture in Pakistan has been a matter of concern for common people, as ordinary people suffer a lot due to this ever rising VIP culture. In past, there was a baby born in Rickshaw as the mother was on the way to hospital for delivery in Multan as due to movement of former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani traffic was halted. It is hard to imagine the pain that women bore, without proper facilities.
In many developed countries, we don’t find such a culture. Their leaders are found walking side by side the common people and they don’t feel the need of such a protocol. Besides this many time we have seen failure of special protocol provided to VIPs. The former home minister of Punjab Shuja Khanzada and former prime minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto were victims of failure of system.
Unfortunately there are many high profile politicians having long convoy of security with them, but nothing is done for security of common man. The country that was built in the name of Islam and Islam teaches us equality but why is that when a common man is killed, some unknown family faces tragedy yet from authorities is different if same or less has happened to a person related to VIPs. It has been going on far a long time enough to open our eyes.
— Karachi

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