VIP movement

Adeel Ur Rehman

The incessant movement of VIPs in the city is playing a bigger role in creating traffic chaos in the twin cities and taxing the patience of already perturbed commuters. On any given day, the preferential treatment being given out to these ‘important’ personalities is resulting in road blocks and large queues of cars at busy junctions. VIP movements have become a bane for city motorists. Irrespective of the nature of emergencies, commuters are left in a limbo for more than half-an-hour at times and it takes hours for this chaos to clear.
VIPs also insist on going through the arterial roads on the pretext that they should be allowed to follow the shortest possible route. “If VIPs have to be given preferential treatment, why the government does not select the routes with lesser traffic or use the helicopters to take them from the Airport to the Red Zone and vice versa? That way they can reach their destinations faster without troubling ordinary citizens,”

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