Violation of weight limit, overloading by Afghan truckers damaged Kohat-Hangu road


The Pukhtunkhwa Highway Authority(PkHA) has decided to install weight station to protect Kohat-Hangu road from being damaged due to overloading and violation of the weight limit mostly by the Afghan truckers, said a spokesman for the Authority Farhan here Friday.
The spokesman said said that left wing of the road is being heavily used by the trucks for the trade purpose to Afghanistan and these trucks carry weight exceeding the weight limit assigned for this road. The weight limit violation caused few patches on the road which were repaired as a goodwill gesture by the contractor.
The right wing of the road still is fault free as weight limit is not violated since returning trucks from Afghanistan passing through this road are not heavy loaded, he explained.
The PKHA has been making efforts to spread the awareness among its stakeholders to observe the weight limit of its roads. Maximum weight limit assigned for 22 wheeler truck is 58.5 Tons but when inspected at different occasions on this road, even 16-wheeler trucks were found carrying weight of more than 100 tons, he explained.
The PKHA authorities has brought this issue into the notice of local administration as well as high ups of PKHA who in response to the complaints approved the installation of weigh stations on Kohat-Hangu Road. PKHA is already in negotiation with local administration team for the acquisition of land to establish weigh station for Kohat-Hangu road.
The PKHA has its own maintenance wing which provides the maintenance to the newly constructed roads after three years at the lapse of Defect Liability Period of the contractor.
Since this road was completed in 2013, and the Defect Liability Period expired in 2014, likewise, three years after Defect Liability Period will end in 2017. So the maintenance of this road will start in 2018 as PKHA has already approved the tender, shortlisted the contractor and issued work order for the maintenance of this road.—APP

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