Violation of ban, water boating continues in Rawal Lake


Despite a ban, motor boating in Rawal Lake still continues which puts residents at risk due to lack of appropriate safety measures and life jackets. The water boating in the lake is continuing without any check and the Capital Development Authority (CDA), is apparently not taking any action to control this illegal activity.
The boating in Rawal Lake is banned and this illegal activity is ultimately causing pollution in the dam. The boats used for rowing are in an “extremely terrible condition.” Tiny holes are also seen on some of the boats which make the safety of people at risk.
A visitor Pervaiz Malik, said that majority of the sailors do not have any experience and underage to drive these boats, which may lead to an accident. He said that there are about 150 boats in the lake that are being operated without life jackets and their condition is not up to the mark.
An official of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that the boats are considered as a major source of pollution in the lake and criticised the concerned officials for not enforcing the ban in letter and spirit.—APP

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