Videos controversies rage to confuse public opinion in country

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Karachi—The current wave of video releases has ignited a controversy about their genuineness. Three videos in as many days have been leaked, and their publicity on TV channels as evoked denials and filing of a petition from an aggrieved mother , praying for the court directive to stop these right now.
These videos showed former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain,and a MQM person Minhaj Qazi accusing former President Asif Zardair, and some senior MQM activists of being involved in the murder of eminent and revered personality like former Governor Hakeem Said in Karachi in 1998.
While Dr Asim, chancellor of Ziauddin University, in custody since quite a while, has claimed in two successive videoas, leaked out from nowhere that his mentor and student-time friend Asif Zardari’s foster brother Owais Muzaffar “Tappi’ had been involved in massive corruption and forced occupation and buying of lands and houses, he said in a second video that Zardari had separate persons to look after his ill-gotten money in Dubai, interior of Sindh, and in USA.
Contents of both these videos had been contested by former Senate chairman Farooq Nayak, challenged in high court by his mother who prayed for stopping their release on TV channels., and by Asim’s counsel, former Sindh advocate general Anwar Mansoor.
In second video, Asim claimed that Zardari had Farook Nayak to look after his financial assets in Switzerland, a secretary whose name heforgot in USA, Dr Ghani Ansari, and a banker Ghafoor in Dubai, and two persons Shahnawaz Junejo and Hasan Ali to take care of his affairs in interior of Sindh. He said he came to know Junejo during the stint of second PPP government.
However Farooq Nayak has vehemently denied having anything to do with financial matters of Zardari, saying that he was advocate for Benazir and Zardari in cases agaist them since 1997. He had no other role.
Asim’s counsel Mansoor alleged that these videos were secured under duress in detention, and Asim may perhaps not even know that he was being filmed. Such material had no legal sanctity, the counsel said.
The mother of detained doctor sought Sindh High Court’s help in directing PEMRA to stop relay of these videos on TV channels because these were fake and was hurting her son.
In another video, one Mihnaj Qazi, on remand now, said he was not in contact with MQM at the time of assassination of former Governor Hakeem Mohammad Saeed. Qazi said that at the time of Saeed’s killing, Zulfikar Haider and others were present in Karachi.
He alleged that Zulfikar Haider, Mehmood Siddiqui, and Shakir aka Langra assisted in Hakim Saeed’s murder. Qazi said that Imran Pasha, Amir from Liaquatabad and others were arrested regarding the case.
Mehmood Siddiqui at that time was the chairman of the party’s student wing All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation Urdu (APMSO), Minhaj Qazi said.

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