What about victims of cow slaughter?

INDIAN Supreme Court, on Tuesday, stayed a nationwide ban imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government on the sale of cow for slaughter that had provoked outcry in many states. The court upheld a decision by a lower court staying the ban imposed in May, which prohibited the sale and purchase of cows.
India claims to be a secular state but, besides many other anti-minorities’ steps, the ban on sale, purchase and slaughter of cow exposed its claims as the restriction was purely based on religious bias against Muslims. Secularism should mean that believers of different faiths are free to pursue and practice their religions without interference from the State but cow ban was aimed at pleasing extremist Hindus who consider cow as a sacred animal ignoring sentiments of Muslims for whom beef is perfectly legitimate. Despite discriminatory nature of the move by the Indian Prime Minister and several Chief Ministers, Muslims respected the ban but still there were numerous reports from different parts of the country, confirming violence against Muslims and even their mob-killing on pretext of cow sale, purchase and slaughter. Many Muslims were attacked merely on suspicion that they had in their homes beef. All this amounted to providing cover to extremist Hindus who are always on the look out to harm Muslims especially during rule of a Prime Minister who presided over killing of two thousand innocent Muslims in Gujarat when he was Chief Minister of the State. The ban was challenged by petitioners on the plea that it infringed their right to eat what they choose. Indian SC has stayed the ban but not on the consideration of protection of rights of minorities but on the premise that the ban hurt the beef trade and export of leather inflicting losses worth billions on the economy. This has also exposed the nature and quality of justice in India where minorities are never treated at par with Hindu majority.

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