Veterinary hospitals’ daily wagers yet to be regularized despite passage of 12 years


Zubair Qureshi

More than 12 years have passed yet the employees hired for 12 veterinary hospitals established by the federal government back in 2004 have not been regularized. This speaks volumes how the federal government in general and the local government (Metropolitan Corporation) of Islamabad in particular are taking matters related to civic and municipal affairs of the federal capital.
The honeymoon period of the new Mayor’s office has expired long ago and now it is time to work in the right direction with full commitment.
According to details, the veterinary hospitals situated in urban and local areas of the federal capital have failed to deliver because of absence of staff in the hospitals. These veterinary hospitals are located in 12 union councils of the federal capital including Union Council of Phulgran, Pind Begwal, Tumair, Chirrah, Kipra, Rawat, Sihala, Kurri, Shah Allah Dita, Golra, Tarlai and Sohan.
Because of apathy and an attitude of ad hocism prevailing in the government departments, the daily wage staff is suffering from uncertainty about their future. They have passed the age limit and have been running from pillar to post to get regularized but unfortunately, no one has cared to pay any attention to their problems. Their cases are pending in Ministry of Interior as well as Ministry of Finance.
Although animals are treated free of cost in these hospitals and the veterinary hospitals also have Artificial Insemination Centres, yet those manning these hospitals are performing their duty on day-to-day basis. These hospitals were established under the PSDP Projects Up-gradation and Expansion of Veterinary Healthcare Centres in ICT, and Improvement of Milk and Meat Production by Strengthening Artificial Insemination Centres in ICT.
Both projects collectively amounted to Rs120 million, started in 2004-05 and ended in June, 2016. During the last 12 years, Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Islamabad, the department which is supervising the projects, procured veterinary medicines worth millions of rupees and provide free services to livestock farming community in Islamabad. The department also established daily mobile livestock free camps to provide veterinary services at farmers door steps located in remote areas of Islamabad.
The actual cost of first project is Rs46.83m and that of second project is Rs46.23m. Due to the severe need of the projects, the government revised these projects several times whereas actual duration of the projects was 5 years.
Around 90 percent of project employees are working on technical posts having degrees and diplomas related to Veterinary Healthcare and they are also outsiders who belong to Punjab, Sindh and other provinces. One of the staff members of these animal healthcare centres when contacted said the persistent delay in regularizing our services and the cold response by the government have put our future at stake and the sooner we are regularized the better not only for us and our families but for the government-run projects as well.

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