Vehicle registration books to be replaced with ‘smart cards’

City Reporter

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department is likely to launch automated vehicle registration cards by April, replacing the current registration books.
The initiative would be piloted from Lahore in March and later no new book would be issued as they run out of stock.
Subsequently motorists will be issued smart cards instead of registration books.
The project was planned to launch in November 2016 and was approved by Punjab Chief Minister in March 2015.
According to reports, the department issues 2 million books annually of which 1.6 million registration books were issued for newly registered vehicles.
Whereas 0.4 million were issued for those already registered.
The smart cards will have varied features. Security feature includes Guilloche on both sides, Pigment printing, metallic emblem, variable UV security printing, Secure NFC Chip, MRZ, QR code, Customize holographic security laminate, micro text, kinetic animation/flip image and customised tactile impression.
The near field communication chip on the card will verify the card details and display the token tax expiry date along with other necessary informat-ion.
The card would be only valid for five years, similar to the life duration of the registration book.
In case old, the later issued card will state “duplicate” on it.
The purpose of this project is to eliminate the hassle of carrying a fragile registration book which wears out after a certain period of time and is usually difficult to carry in terms of its
It is reported that a separate website and a mobile application would also be launched to facilitate vehicle owners in this regards.

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