Valentine’s Day bonhomie

Valentine’s Day is here at last and everyone is busy thinking about what to buy for their loved ones. Though the festival commemorates the martyrdom of a Christian saint called St. Valentine, the festival as it is celebrated today, has very little religious significance. Another noticeable factor in the Valentine’s Day celebration is that the festival celebrates love in all its forms and is not just restricted to romantic love. People therefore exchange Valentine’s Day greetings with their parents, teachers, siblings, friends, sweethearts or anyone very special or near to them. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be an occasion to display love, affection and care for our families, friends and romantic partners. But today, it does not seem that way anymore, for families and friends are mostly wiped off the list leaving just the partner in it.
I always wonder whether this is the only day we can show affection for the people we love? Do we have to be in the mood to love our loved ones? Or celebrating Valentine’s Day is just following the trend because nearly every other couple in the world keeps celebrating it? What I mean is that everyone runs around on this occasion frothing, proclaiming their love and pledging their eternal allegiance to their loved ones. If someone truly cared about you, shouldn’t the feelings of ‘I love you’ be made known to each other more often? It’s certainly not necessary to present each other with a heart shaped cardboard box filled with chocolates or a bouquet of flowers that cost an exorbitant sum at this time of the year.
Mumbai, India

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