Vacuity and violence

The greater danger to Pakistani society comes from vacuity and violence in society, especially in educational institutions. Teachers and trainers in the past used to have good humour, tolerance, humanity, a deep creative imagination, a perceptive and sense of compassion, but now they are shallow, pompous, and intolerant.
Teachers and trainers look down with contempt upon those who ask a question. Temperamentally many teachers and trainers are not sympathetic but cynical. They don’t educate mind and civilise habits of students and trainees, they don’t teach to learn to concentrate on subject because our teachers and trainers themselves have yet to learn how to gain knowledge and wisdom.
They are dilettante and dabbled too much in too many subjects. It is a great national irony that a vast majority of people both students and trainees never come to educational institutions or training institutes for knowledge and wisdom but for a piece of paper what we cell a degree or a certificate which is we don’t find any positive change and impact on society but deterioration and moral turpitude all around.
May I remind these words of Latin poet who once said “Proper vitam vivendi perdere causas for sake of mere living to lose those things that make living worthwhile?” But who cares, our policy makers can’t realise these tragic flaws in education and training system and why should they hire well-read, well-informed and thoroughly cultured and gentlemen in place of their own boys?

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