Use of technology in next polls

AS Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has started preparations for next general election by arranging training sessions for polling staff, it is also a matter of satisfaction that the Commission has planned to use latest technology to ensure better management and transmission of results on the Election Day.
Reportedly, the ECP will deploy result management and transmission systems result compilation by the Returning Officers and its immediate transmission following international standards of compilation and its announcement. There will be about 85,000 polling stations in the upcoming general election, so the same number of polling officers and the assistant polling officers will be deployed for quick result transmission from the polling station to RO/ECP office using mobile phones and specialised developed secure and reliable software called mobile APP. Historically in our country, it is regrettable that the losing parties are in the habit of pointing fingers on the credibility of elections and reject the mandate of elected party, we therefore really appreciate the steps so far taken by the ECP to ensure transparency and fairness in the entire election process. In fact the Election Act 2017 has fully empowered the Commission and delegated to it the powers equal to those of the High Court to ensure smooth conduct of the polls. We have no doubt in saying that the ECP headed by Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan will fulfil its constitutional responsibility and take all possible steps to make these elections different from the previous ones. Making the general election controversy free this time around is also imperative when efforts are being made by some vested interests to create doubts and uncertainties about the elections. It is also time for the mainstream political parties that they demonstrate greater maturity, refrain from mudslinging and keep the temperature under control in their political gatherings. Such a course will augur well for the future and continuity of democratic set-up that indeed is vital for sustainable development of democracy in the country.

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