Use of moringa helps slow down ageing


Staff Reporter

There are numerous benefits of use of items produced by moringa (sohanjna) tree including slowing down of ageing.
Director Floriculture Punjab Sheikh Javed Iqbal said this while talking to media here on Monday.
He said that due to the benefits of the tree, the Punjab government is working to promote its cultivation.
He said that weight loss, diabetes, blood pressure and many other health complications could be controlled through the use of moringa on the advice of health practioners. He said that for animals, it helps increase milk production and improves health of cattle-heads.
“We are providing all-out assistance to growers to increase cultivation of this tree, as it has medicinal and nutritional uses,” he said. He said that farmers can increase their earning by cultivating moringa oleifera trees. The government is trying to motivate farmers to grow this tree also besides traditional crops and vegetables, he said.
Sheikh Javed said that modern research had proved importance of the plant and it could be consumed as vegetable, food supplement, green tea, cosmetics, medicines, fodder for animals etc.
He said that people in developed countries were using moringa in various shapes.
He further said that by promoting moringa’s cultivation we can also promote livestock sector in the province.

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