Use of antibiotics

Tasneem Saifuddin

Antibiotics are one of the greatest inventions of all times. They are responsible for saving untold number of lives. Today they have become so common that they are part and parcel of every household and are being used excessively.
However, it is not a good practice that people use someone antibiotics prescribed for someone else. But what they do not understand is that symptoms of two different diseases can be similar. You can never diagnose a disease without consulting a doctor and conducting routine tests. Another and the most common folly is that people stop using antibiotics when they start feeling better, you may sometimes feel better but still effects of an illness remain.
Taking complete course of antibiotics is necessary because the process takes time and only the right amount of antibiotics can kill all the invading bacteria. If complete course is not taken, bacteria become drug-resistant. Always remember to take the full prescription. Never share or use leftover antibiotics and never ever buy them without prescription. Handle antibiotics with care, your life matters!
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