USC selling different items on subsidized rates

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


One billion 73 corer rupees subsidy has been granted by the government during the Holy month of Ramazan on account of which pulses and ghee Rs.20/kg, sugar Rs.5/kg, date, and gram flour Rs.20/kg was being sold on reduce rates. The Utility Stores Corporation, selling wheat flour bag of 20 KG of rupees 615 by reducing Rs. 150 discount on each bag. This was told to newsmen during a tour launched by Zonal Manager Mukhtiar Khattak, accompanied by Regional Manager Barg-e-Hina, Monday.
Such officials while expressing on the point of subsidy went on to say that the government has granted one billion seventy three crore rupees subsidy like previous years to ease the people belonging to the whole regional territories especially in the Holy month of Ramazan . However, to yield standard items to customers was first and foremost duty of the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan to ease its people especially during the running Holy month of Ramazan, adding that the best stuff possessed by the Utility Stores for the purpose of sale. It was also told that the large scaled best qualitative stock has been provided to all the Utility Stores while the best quality stock was available on every store for provisioning it to the people feasibly as well as conveniently, adding that for yielding enough stock of such items to Utility Stores arrangement on instant demand were in full swing. In addition it was also expressed by the officials that daily checking of the Utility Stores arrangements is being made preferably to streamline all type of items with letter.

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