USAID provides technical assistance for development of chili sector

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has initiated a project to promote good agricultural practices among the chili farmers Thar area of Sindh.
Under the project “U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) program” USAID is providing technical assistance to the chili farmers to help them identify and address inefficiencies through provision of grants and technical assistance ultimately improving their competitiveness.
Special attention is also being paid to help these farmers explore more efficient water management technologies and provide additional livelihood options to rural families in Sindh.
According to concerned authorities special attention is also being paid to enhance their understanding about other cropping systems.
Similar trainings were said to be also being conducted in other chili growing areas in the province, other than Kunri and Naukot.
To review the scheme, provincial director for Sindh and Balochistan, John Smith-Sreen, and Deputy Director, Michael Hryshchyshyn, visited the Arid Zone Research Institute (AZRI) to support USAIDs agricultural investments.
The day-long visit included a discussion with progressive chili farmers on issues and concerns pertaining to the sector. The visit provided the USAID team the opportunity to interact with the chili growers, and processors, as well as witness the USAID sponsored technical trainings being conducted in the field.
Smith-Sreen on the occasion said his team was proud of the role the United States Government has played to support the development of Pakistan’s agricultural sector.
He expressed his confidence that with continued technical assistance and engagement with Pakistani trade envoys USAID will help expand market access for Pakistani chili exports.
The Chairman, Chili Growers Association, Mia Muhammad Saleem, thanked the USAID delegation for their support to the chili sector and its role in helping the chili farmers confront the various challenges faced in the sector.
USAID launched the U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development to improve the ability of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture and livestock sectors to compete in international and national markets in the four target product lines; meat, high value and off season vegetables, mangoes, and citrus.
This partnership acts as a catalyst for development and investment in the target product lines, helps improve the quality and increase the quantity of exportable agricultural produce, and promotes cooperation among farmers, processors, exporters, and buyers of Pakistani agricultural products in international markets resulting in increased incomes and generating employment opportunities for Pakistanis—APP

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