US speaks for Rohingyas

FOR the first time in many months, the United States has spoken clearly and strongly in favour of the oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine State of Myanmar, who are facing real danger of being wiped out both physically and economically in the face of terrorism by the state apparatus and majority Buddhists. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Patrick Murphy urged Myanmar Government on Friday to take urgent action to end violence in Rakhine State, where a military offensive has created crisis that could jeopardize its economic and political transition.
The fact that the call came after three day visit of Murphy to Myanmar is an indication that the US is ready to play its due role in ending the on-going ethnic cleansing in that country. The US official referred to the recent commitments made by Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi during a televised address and called for urgent measures for realization of these commitments. We hope that he must have spoken clearly to Myanmar officials and they would take the required steps with due urgency to resolve the problem that has, of late, attracted attention of the international community. This strong position by the US is encouraging and we would expect China and India too to change their stance to send a clear message to Myanmar Government that it will have to listen to what the world is demanding. It is regrettable that some countries are not willing to speak strongly in favour of Rohingyas, who are facing worst kind of brutalities, just for the sake of their commercial, defence or geo-strategic interests and this approach is proving disastrous for the hapless Muslims in Myanmar. It would be appropriate if a clear deadline is given to Myanmar to fulfil what Suu Kyi said recently to end violence and bring its perpetrators to justice.

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