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US propaganda against Pak nukes

IT is deplorable that despite its acknowledgement that Pakistan has one of the strongest and safest command and control system for its nuclear assets, the United States is persisting with its policy of expressing baseless apprehensions on this account. In latest remarks, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has said that there are five big issues that threaten the American security and one of them is proliferation of Pakistan’s nuclear programme. He also blamed Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists, adding that no other administration but the current administration had taken some action against Pakistan on the issue.
In the first place, Pakistan’s nuclear programme is not directed against any country, rather it is designed for self-defence in a very hostile regional environment. These apprehensions about national security are not imaginary as was highlighted by recent events when India carried blatant aggression against Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistan, with the support of the friends has developed a highly reliable multi-tier system for security and safety of its nuclear assets and there was no question of proliferation of nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s nuclear safety and security programme is so meticulous and elaborate that it has earned repeated acclaims by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Under these circumstances, one fails to understand how Pakistan’s nuclear programme can be of any risk or pose any threat to US national security interests. The security scenario has further improved with a successful counter-terrorism operations carried out by Pakistan armed forces. However, despite all this, some Western countries and their media, some time, raise alarm bells on the pretext of Pakistan’s nuclear assets falling into the hands of terrorists or the possibility of the country selling nuclear technology or weapons to other countries. All this propaganda against Pakistan is doing round despite the fact that the West itself is responsible for proliferation of nuclear technology and weapons. It is also to be pointed out that under the garb of civil nuclear cooperation, the United States and several other Western countries are in a mad rush to provide all sorts of duel purpose technologies to India that are helping New Delhi to sharpen its nuclear teeth. This discriminatory approach towards nuclear programmes of Pakistan and India is a source for concern for people of Pakistan and strengthens their belief that they must maintain and update their nuclear capability for the sake of its national security interests.