US presidential candidate asks, ‘What is Aleppo?’

Washington—The presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party said Friday he is not familiar with one of the worst-hit cities in the six-year long Syrian war.
“What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” MSNBC’s Morning Joe commentator Mike Barnicle asked Johnson. “And what is Aleppo?,” was the response from the puzzled former New Mexico governor.
Johnson said he wasn’t kidding when asked back if he were just kidding.After Barnicle explained that Aleppo is “the epicenter of the refugee crisis” in Syria, Johnson seemed to find his bearings.
In Syria, he said, Washington needs “to join hands with Russia to diplomatically bring that at an end” and the Free Syrian Army rebels the U.S. has been supporting are “coupled with the Islamists.—Agencies

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