US plans to partition Iraq, Syria: Analyst


Iraqi armed forces have succeeded in recapturing the historic al-Nuri Grand Mosque in the city of Mosul. Serious questions were raised about the role of the United States — long purporting to be in a fight against Daesh in the region — as a number of Daesh terrorists managed to escape Mosul to enter part of the Syrian territory where the US and its allied forces have been present. To discuss the issue, Press TV has interviewed Brad Blankenship, a journalist with al-Masdar News, and Brent Budowsky, a columnist at The Hill.
Blankenship said the United States pursued a policy of partitioning Iraq in order to gain influence in the region and drive a wedge between the Iraqi and Iranian governments.
“What they (the Americans) are doing in Iraq is very similar to what they have said they will do in Syria, which is namely to fight ISIS (Daesh), and then, when they have control of regions that ISIS used to have, they will use this as a way to partition Syria,” Blankenship said on Thursday. “And then in Iraq, what they are going to attempt to do is to use their leverage in owning territory in Iraq to draw Iraq farther away from Iran.—Agencies

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