US NPR 2018 to cast implications for global & regional security

Staff Reporter

Former ambassador to United Nations Munir Akram, Tuesday, termed the United States’ Nuclear Policy Review 2018 as a potential threat to both Iran and North Korea. NPR also identifies China as strategic rival and endorses entire nuclear modernisation and sustenance programme of the US in response to the expansion of Chinese nuclear arsenal.
However, he said that this was not a credible responseowing to the disparity in their nuclear arsenal. The US’ nuclear force is much bigger than that of China, North Korea and Iran,
While speaking at a ‘Public Talk’ titled “The 2018 US Nuclear Posture Review: Global and Regional Security” organized by Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) here, Ambassador Munir Akramsaid that the 2018 US NPR would have numerous implications for global and regional security.
The Ambassador said that a new nuclear arms race would be triggered and would also increase greater likelihood of use of weapons. The 2018 US Nuclear Posture Review’s importance should be viewed in relation to its predecessors.
In her closing remarks Director General Strategic Studies Dr. Shireen Mazari said that Pakistan had increasingly become the target of US’ criticism specially in the contact of its nuclear weapon. She reiterated that Pakistan should remain wary of the US-India strategic partnership.

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