US-North Korea summit

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. The Pyongyang Administration has recently shaken hands with the South. The slogan “a peaceful Korea” has made its presence felt around the world. The question now arises, what if the monologue of the coliseum results, a neutralized South and a defensive US The writer exquisitely designed the dieresis for a prosperous North Korea. Recently, Kim Jong-Un regime agreed to march with Seoul’s Administration in the Winter Olympics under one flag. To soften the dough, all it needs is water. Moon Jae-In regime started to show visible signs of a defensive South. Pyongyang Administration is now ready to directly talk with US, using South as a diplomatic shield. The announcement of the denuclearization process forced US to take a step backward. North will enter into the summit as a heavyweight. During the talks, Pyongyang Administration would immediately demand for the removal of the nukes, positioned in the South if North is to suspend their nuclear testing sites. The continued demand would be for the dislodgement of US troops from South Korea. US, as a peace-maker, will surrender with exiguous changes. No military assistance and nukes would create a sense of disbelief in South’s mind. The neutral behaviour towards US would end the romantic South-US alliance. North will offer friendship towards the Moon Jae-In regime, forming geo-strategic partnership. The US will seek a new ally in that region and it will be North Korea. US-North Korea summit would be the game-changer if North acts smartly. Kim Jong-Un will have to play from both sides of the pitch. Closer relations with enemies mean an alliance with US and a strategic partnership with South. The successful summit means, the home-run for North-Korea.
M.Hamza Athar.
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