US keeps Mumbai attack issue alive

IN what should not be an issue for Washington, the report released by its state department on Thursday voiced concerns over the slow progress of the trial of Mumbai 2008 attacks. We understand the US has nothing to do with the trial and its concerns therefore are uncalled for.
Instead of poking nose into others’ affairs, Washington should realize that the trial of Mumbai attack is a bilateral matter between Pakistan and India in which the former has gone out of the way in an effort to wrap up the trial at the earliest. For this purpose, our foreign office also wrote a letter to the Indian authorities seeking more information and evidence but the Indian side has never cooperated and so far did not handed down the evidence sought by the Pakistani side, which is actually hampering the judicial process in Pakistani courts. Despite this, it remains only the prerogative of the Indian side and not anybody else to raise hue and cry on the matter. Though Islamabad has always cooperated with Washington on issues like terrorism and extremism but it misses no opportunity to keep us under constant pressure. Recent drone strike in Balochistan, its refusal to provide F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan and its often repeated mantra of ‘do more against terrorism’ are all part of that strategy. Similarly, it is pursuing a controversial policy vis-à-vis South China Sea with its increasingly active military presence that is not going to help but only fan tension in the region. Being the world super power, the conduct of the US must be impartial and non partisan and it should refrain from interfering in the regional matters. Its posture should be that for promoting peace and not pushing different regions deeper into conflicts and anarchy that only result into bloodshed and killing of innocent people. Given what is happening especially in the Muslim countries, time has come for the US to review its biased policies and while shunning policy of coercion and bullying, should take such steps that promote harmony, cohesion and stability on the Earth.

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