US in contact with Pakistan to fight terrorism

Washington—US State department spokesperson John Kirby on Wednesday said that the United States is in contact with Pakistani leadership to fight terrorism.
Asked about too much voices in Congress that Pakistan is not doing much to eliminate Haqqani network, Mr Kirby said that Pakistan has said itself that they’re not going to discriminate among terrorist groups, and it’s our expectation that they’ll continue to meet that pledge. He said the Pakistani people have suffered at the hands of terrorists for far too long.
“They’ve lost friends, they’ve lost family, they’ve lost soldiers and troops to the same shared threat. And we continue to discuss and to talk and to try to work together with Pakistani leadership to get at what is a very real, very shared challenge – not just to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but to the entire region”, the spokesman said.
About the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) meeting in Islamabad, Kirby said Ambassador Olson, US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, was our representative, as he has been in the past on these meetings.
He reiterated that the US would continue to support President Ghani in calling on the Taliban to participate in direct peace talks. “They have a choice now, and we hope they make the right now.”
Regarding signing of an agreement between Afghan Government and Hekmatyar group the other day, the State Department spokesman said Mr. Hekmatyar is still a designated individual, but we welcome steps by the Afghan Government to engage in talks with the HIG with respect to trying to end the violence.
He said “we welcome the efforts by President Ghani and the Afghan Government to deal with them through dialogue. And obviously we hope that it can lead to a better, less violent outcome for the Afghan people”.—INP

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