US imperialism

Ali Ashraf Khan

The new wave of cold war that has been created by the US and their western allies against Russia is taking grotesque forms. First, they tried to stop Russian athletic teams on allegations of doping tests by Olympic officials and now the Paralympics’ Committee has accomplished what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) refused to do: impose a blanket ban on all Russian sportsman and women to prevent their participation in the Rio Olympic Games. The decision has created a shock wave among the athletes, sports fans and Russia at large, but many dissenting voices have come out beside that.
The International committee based its decision on the completely biased and politically motivated and obviously manipulated McLaren report that was initiated to probe doping cases during Sochi Olympics and has been published last month was altered in order to justify a blanket ban on Russian athletes’ participation in the Rio games. When it became clear that the IOC would not comply with that endeavour initiated by US hawks the Paralympics’ Committee was approached and succumbed to the overtures.
There is no doubt that doping did happen and does happen in almost all sports but that is only half the truth. It happens not only among Russians but among all other nations as well and some even say that the Russian athletes are by far not the worst. But why is that doping is used despite health hazards that it gives to the sportsmen? The reason is without any doubt that sport today has become a business and is not a game anymore. It makes money and for money all are ready to sacrifice even their health. It is very difficult to compete against other sportsmen and have a chance to win when they are doped and you are not. This situation has made sport a business and thus ruined it to a large extent. The Olympic games so far have been an icon of sportsmanship and each athlete was aiming to attend games at least once in a lifetime.
By putting a blanket ban on a country as if doping was a political decision by that country and creating the impression that all athletes are doped, the West is trying to victimize Russia that has been withstanding US pressures in Syria, Iran and other places. While doping athletes should be banned, a blanket ban punishes the non-doping athletes as well which is utterly unfair and harming the spirit of sports that has already been harmed by making it a business.

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