US ‘evidence’ of ‘Iranian-made’ missile sparks ridicule


Pictures of purported missile fragments presented by the United States as “evidence” that Iranian-made missiles were used by Yemen have sparked widespread ridicule on social media, with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif offering his own comically amusing take on the images.
On December 14, 2017, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley presented a charred tube and other material that she claimed were from an Iranian-made ballistic missile fired from Yemen at the King Khalid International Airport near the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on November 4. She claimed that that “evidence” proved Iran’s violation of United Nations resolutions banning the transfer of weapons to the Houthi Ansarullah fighters. Both Iran and the Houthis have denied that the missile fired was Iranian. The US has not stopped making that far-fetched pitch, however. On Monday, the US hosted UN Security Council envoys to view the purported missile parts.
After the US meeting, the UK’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Jonathan Allen, posted on Twitter pictures that he said were “clear evidence that #Iran missiles and other weapons [were] used by Houthis in #Yemen.”
One of the images shared by Allen showed what seemed to be a visibly intact cable with the writings “Made in Iran” and the emblem of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) on it. In a post on his own official Twitter account on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Zarif used the picture used by Allen next to one of a packet of Iranian-made cheese puffs with the same ISIRI logo.
A while ago US showed a Saudi-supplied Iranian missile intact. They must’ve been told a missile destroyed by a Patriot does not land fully assembled. So now US shows UNSC missile fragments w/ Iranian Standard Institute logo, as on our foodstuffs. Try fabricating “evidence” again.—Agencies

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