US-DPRK relations

It is an unavoidable fact that South Korea took a great initiative to bring both the USA and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on one platform for peace and prosperity of Korean Peninsula. On June 12, Chairman of North Korea and President of US met in Singapore for sketching plan for world peace. It is also acknowledged by China and other stakeholders. North Korea has accepted to dismantle all its nuclear arsenals. Similarly, America would lift economic sanctions on DPRK if it accepts and takes action on conditions.
There is an ambiguity whether the US would evacuate Korean Peninsula. The world knows America and its policies very well. She has recently withdrawn from Iran nuclear deal. We cannot turn faces from these facts that the US would demonstrate same attitude towards North Korea as it did in the case of Iran. Lastly, it is a great achievement in terms of global peace. Likewise, North Korea would also extend its hand of friendship. It will also boost her trade. Every one is happy to see these energetic and active steps towards peace. Those countries that have spent a lot of their money on security purposes should learn lessons from US and N Korea.
Khairpur Mirs Sindh

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