US diplomat hails Pakistan’s commitment to end militancy

Lahore—The Outgoing US Consul General to Lahore Zachary Harkenrider has acclaimed that Pakistan has made advances in combating terrorism in the country and overcoming violence through national unity and cohesion.
Harkenrider is appreciative of the national unity and “determination of Pakistanis to rid the country of the ills of militancy through Zarb e Azb and other operations”, acknowledging nation’s will to face all challenges and overcome them is remarkable.
In a write-up by the diplomat which was shared with the media, US Consul general to Lahore reminisces on his 3 year diplomatic tenure in Pakistan and observes how the country of his sojourn has made great leaps towards tangible economic growth and reliable energy sector. The US diplomat gives an appraisal of the current situation in the energy, economic growth and security besides offering advice to improve the pace of country’s road to progress.
The diplomat wrote Pakistan has been moving in the right direction in the energy and economic growth areas while trends in security, education, entrepreneurship and social solidarity are positive over the past three years’ time.
The US Consul General to Lahore Harkenrider disagrees with the foreign perception and local reports of a country marred by insurgency, terrorism and turmoil and divisive politics but he relies on the success stories he has been a part of during his three years diplomatic posting in Pakistan since July 2013 and believes Pakistan is a success story.—APP

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