US Consul General, Shehla Raza lead discussion with female MPAs

Staff Reporter

US Consul General Grace Shelton and Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza co-chaired a roundtable discussion with female public representatives Wednesday at the Old Consulate General Residence.
Fifteen female members of the Sindh Assembly participated in the discussion and offered their perspective into how female participation in the political process is helping Sindh improve advance democratic governance, political stability, and women’s empowerment.
In her welcoming remarks, US Consul General Grace Shelton noted the barriers to political participation women face in the US and around the world and was eager to hear about the female politicians’ experiences here in Sindh.
“We are taking steps to help women participate more fully in the political process,” Grace Shelton said, adding, “In Sindh, the US government supports the Gender Equity Program, which, among other things, provides grants to help women register for Computerized National Identity Cards. That in turn allows them to vote.”
Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza highlighted the significance of women participation in politics, and informed the US Consul General about the progress Sindh government has made for the empowerment of women and girls education.

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