US Consul-General congratulates ‘English Works’ Graduates

Staff Reporter

Karachi—US Consul General (CG) Brian Heath presided at the closing ceremony of a consulate-sponsored “English Works” program, congratulating the 150 graduates in Karachi.
The program helps disadvantaged young people improve their English language skills to improve their career prospects.
“I applaud your efforts in the classroom over the past six months, and encourage you to continue to engage in lifetime learning. Regardless of your chosen profession, success demands a commitment to grow and develop so you can reach your full potential,” said CG Heath.
According to Heath, the U.S. government wants students to take the skills and knowledge they gained into the professional world as well as their communities.
“We want you to use the knowledge and skills to build a better future for Karachi and Pakistan that will lead to a peaceful, prosperous, democratic Pakistan that is a leader in the region and world.”

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