US church includes Islam among list of ‘Dangerous isms’

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A Church in US has included Islam among the list of “Dangerous isms” that also include Judaism, liberalism, alcoholism and pessimism.
According to reports, The Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in US State of Texas is conducting what it calls “info sessions” during which its leaders will be discussing different topics aimed at providing ‘proper response’ to various non-Christian ideologies.
Fliers distributed by the Church to promote the events have been shared on social media, with users denouncing its leaders for including Judaism and Islam in the list.
Picture of a door hanger distributed by the Church in some areas of Dallas
According to the Associated Press, the church’s pulpit minister has defended the promotional material.
“We’re living in an age where every word means something, and you have to be very careful about the words that you use,” Shelton Gibbs III told the news agency.
“And I think going forward, I’m sure we’ll be able to phrase it where people are drawn in, and not that we have somehow marginalized them and caused them to fear.”
The church will go ahead with the series, which starts June 13 with a talk on “denominationalism,” despite the objections to his church’s calling other religions “dangerous.”

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