US army’s presence in northern Syria

IN a telephonic interview with CNN, New US Commander for Syria and Iraq Lt. General Townsend while echoing boundless optimism to root out the ISIS fighters within a year also gave a direct warning to both Russia and Syrian government over recent flights and air-strikes in Northern parts of Syria where actually the US troops are located. These comments of the General clearly indicate that the situation in Syria where four and a half years of armed conflict has already claimed the lives of 250,000 people and displaced over 11 million others is going to further worsen and deepen in the days and weeks ahead due to the self serving policies of some world powers.
The very comments of the US General raise many questions as to under which mandate the US forces are operating in Northern Syria as the United Nations has not given any such mandate or approval for deployment of peace-keeping force. Intervening and attacking other countries without seeking any permission from the UN has been the hallmark of the US over the past many years. It is because of these policies of the US that the countries especially in the Middle East today are facing greater chaos and anarchy and the world is far from becoming a cradle of peace and stability for whom the major capitals often assemble together to chalk out a way out but all these gatherings will remain futile as long as the Western world especially Washington does not shun double standards and bring a major shift in its policies aimed at resolving the issues relating to the Muslim world. As regards Syria, the civil war has already ruined the country so much that it will require years to rebuild. We will, therefore, urge the world powers to stop using Syrian land for fighting their proxy wars. At the same time, greater responsibility also rests with the United Nations to take serious notice of Syrian situation and help resolve it.

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