US agenda unfolds on Pak-Afghan border

AS Pakistan is demonstrating its sincerity and resolve to take all possible measures including border management to curb cross-border infiltration on Durand Line, Afghanistan seems to be hell bent not only to undermine gains of operation Zarb-e-Azb but also escalate tension with Pakistan, apparently at the behest of someone else. This became all the more evident from what happened on Torkham border where Afghan forces indulged in deadly firing in their bid to stop Pakistan from constructing a gate well inside its territory as part of the measures to regulate border movement.
Both Afghanistan and the United States have been urging Pakistan to take concrete measures to stop infiltration through Pak-Aghan border and Islamabad went to the extent of suggesting to erect barbed wire but the proposal has never found favours with the two, which speaks volumes about their real designs and intent. Now Pakistan has almost cleared its territory of terrorist networks and is focusing on better border management and building of a gate on Torkham was part of the strategy. The Afghan side should have extended cooperation in this noble task of regulating movement on Pak-Afghan border but sadly enough it opted to mount attacks and as a consequence Major Ali Jawad was martyred and several other troops wounded. It is understood that Pakistan has the capability and capacity to teach a lesson but the authorities concerned have wisely exercised utmost restraint and kept the response to the minimum in an attempt not to escalate tension. This is saner approach in view of the unholy game being played by outside forces in the region. The day President Obama announced extension of stay of his troops in Afghanistan, we had warned that it smacked foul and with the latest developments the real agenda has started unfolding. There cannot be two opinions that the enemy wants to sandwich Pakistan between Eastern and Western border so as to keep our Armed forces engaged and the country destabilized. Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has rightly pointed out that Kabul was playing in the hands of someone else. The timing of escalation is meaningful as it comes when Pakistan is urging resolution of Afghan conflict through intra-Afghan dialogue but the United States and Afghanistan want use of force, which effectively means no peace at all in years to come. Similarly, Pakistan is on a diplomatic offensive to block India’s unilateral entry into NSG despite American pressure and Washington seems to be trying to squeeze Islamabad. We would, however, urge our authorities to maintain calm as Pakistan and Afghanistan have historic links and relationship and overwhelming majority of Afghans is pro-Pakistan.

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