Urdu to Urdish

It is a known fact that language plays an essential role for the development of a nation and which is the only measure by which a nation can be considered as one and get success in this world. But, it is sad to mention that our national language (Urdu) is tackling multiple problems in Pakistan, where a mixture of Urdu and English (Urdish) is being used in the entire country. Urdish medium has taken place of Urdu, former being full of English words; especially in course books, which are full of a mixture of English and Urdu.
It is a fact that primary education is the base of all education, where children develop a better understanding of their own mother tongue and every child must be taught their own language first, not others. However, today our child-centric society tends to ignore the needs of children when they start going to schools. The controversy is destroying educational standards and is adversely affecting the growth of young minds. The young children who are instructed in their own mother tongue have a better understanding of what they are taught, which facilitates their cognitive development. When they are denied their own language, then surely they would never learn to think in a progressive way. Teachers need to be trained fully and must be careful when they teach subjects in schools.
So, it is really shocking that even educated people fail to understand the Urdu language, with these people also resorting to use Urdish. In this regard, we are killing two birds with one stone, where both languages are not being done justice with. So, I humbly request the government to take some serious steps in order to eliminate this major issue in our country where the Urdu medium must not be involved in other mediums.

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