Upsets in election

LIKE many other elections in the past, this election too resulted in many upsets as some of those who were otherwise expected to get necessary votes to make their way to the assemblies fell flat. The heavy weights of the politics that were defeated by their rivals should analyse their performance and the reasons as to what led to such a downfall.
Those routed in the election include former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who lost both his seats including the home constituency that was considered to be his stronghold. Abbasi, no doubt, carried out developmental activities in his constituency but his liaison with the masses became definitely weak and the policy of taken for granted cost him dearly. Former Interior Minister and erstwhile PML (N) stalwart Ch Nisar Ali lost two National Assembly and one provincial assembly seats and that too with big margins. The outcome of election shows his real strength was his party and both Nisar and the party suffered due to estrangement. Khawaja Saad Rafiq gave a tough competition to Imran Khan but lost with close margin and that would be really shocking for a hardworking leader. Losses suffered by MMA and its leaders especially in highly conservative areas of KP show that people there were no more as conservative as was being considered. Presence of religious leaders and scholars in assemblies always helped protect cultural and ideological identity and norms of the society and the country. Dismal performance of TLP also showed that nuisance value notwithstanding, the new entity stands no chance of gaining adequate political grounds to make an entry into corridors of Parliament.

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