Once upon a time there was an empire

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

WITH the so-called demise of empires, after the two great wars, a new management regime emerged into place to handle the ever-increasing population on the planet and the vastness of the territories. These were Nation States. The qualifying criteria were simple: land, population and DEBT! The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is no exception as the colonists were never alarmed with the creation of yet another Nation State of the like of so many others. The mis-carriage was in the making, as Pakistan turned out to be the first Nation State born to an Islamic ideology, in contemporary history.
Religion was never on the agenda or part of the terms of reference and therefore it is manifest as a thorn. Many more Nation States followed with the same buzzword ‘Islamic’ without any reference to the obligation of subservience a Nation State was required to have to exist. I cannot see anybody taking credit for this marvel, as it was the pre-destined course resolved by the colonists on the storyboard of management, as they would like to see in the form and shape of the World Order. No disrespect meant to our freedom fighters as without them we would have never been noticed to qualify for a Muslim nation away from the Hindu dominated India.
This article is poised at bringing home the realization of our existence as a Nation State and the course of actions and inactions that are warranted of us. Devoid of independence as is manifest, if the realization of our status is driven home then the road map for true independence will become in clear perspective and vision. The Nation States were essentially required to manage populations and territory and based on debt from the Colonists remain colonized with a façade of independence and sovereignty and other such words that give one the feel of autarky with nothing in essence to show for it.
Amongst the Nation States a lot many preferred to remain subservient and in the false acclaim of an independent country whilst others struggled with the truth and brought about economic parity with inventions and trade balances. These countries swiftly were sucked into the first world club of a few and were taken as equals whilst the others remain the providers of Natural Resources to the developed economies as tangible value in exchange of printed paper. The battle we see on the planet is that of natural resources that must feed the insatiable appetite of the colonists in exchange of nothing. What causes this phenomenon to prevail is our inability to come to terms with reality as exists and our lazy leadership that will not allow our natural resources to be transformed by our human resources for the benefit of our country. Often times our leadership is planted and serving the big cause of the aliens and or are corrupt and ignorant putting their personal interests above that of their own kind in their own country. In the case of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is by far the richest in human resource and natural resource in the region we have in seven decades failed miserably to define our nationhood and failed to give this Nation State a roadmap to transit from the dumps of subservience to the glory of independence free of neo-colonialism.
There is a need to restructure the assets of the State and utilise them for the journey here on. Our land, our population and our government all need a committed leaning on our founding ideology and by no means that should deem to mean the ideology of the sectarian clerics. We need to institutionalize our sectors of opportunity with our own resources and forget foreign aid and grants. We must find tools to defend our territorial and ideological frontiers from indigenous resources and must begin looking inwards more so than outwards – hat in hand. This is our course and all those who oppose this emancipation with laws that are across the board applicable on to all without bias must be shunned. The political circus in the country in the name of democracy as the holy cow should also go out of the window until we are first set on course as an equitably well structured land of absolute independence.
Can more be said to convey the plight that inflicts us? Yes. The nation States as they emerged, and ever so often, are re-defined for territory to meet the easy management by colonist, the principal control mechanism is the creation and retention of debt. The reserve currency of the world was thus brought about to be the dragnet or the leash that would control governments and their policies in respective territories. This is the mother of all evil and this when countered by several third world leaders their fate became imminent elimination.
The question here is do we play along or do we resist? Do we sell our souls, labour and toil and our natural resources for nothing or do we adopt the course of simply relying on our own resources and skills to carve our world free of dictates and slavery. Do we rise from social servitude to social equality or do we assign ourselves, and the destiny of our progeny to decadence? This is the point to ponder and the time is way past. We are 70 years behind time!
— The writer is entrepreneur, author based in Karachi.

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