Uplift project

It is quite heartening and appreciable to note that major infrastructure development is being done in Gwadar and several projects are underway there as part of great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Interior Minister Professor Ahsan Iqbal in an interview has said that real change is already visible in the port city where equal attention is being paid to every sector of national economy for development and progress, the situation there has entirely changed under five years of the incumbent federal government, educational institutions including colleges and universities have been established for ensuring provision of higher education to the youth and arrangements are also underway for provision of transport facilities for the students of these higher education institutions.
He is further reported to have said that the federal government is working on plans to bring revised curriculum in all the provinces although education is now a provincial subject after 18th Constitutional Amendment, we are strictly adhering and following former PM Nawaz Sharif’s agenda for economic development, Pakistan is determined and committed to complete the journey of progress and development and nobody can stop it.
CPEC has become a household flagship for progress and development and a number of projects are already under implementation not only in Gwadar port city but also throughout the country and fruits have already started reaching the people of all regions with more and more local residents being employed to work on Chinese companies projects along side Chinese engineers and technicians and besides employment also learn Chinese technology for their better and brighter future.


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