Upgrade sewerage line

Pakistan is home to bustling cities like Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore and Multan which are not known to be the fastest growing metropolises that contribute significantly to the economy of the country. One would expect such cities to have their basic civic facilities such as water supplies networks and sewerage lines in order. In almost every city, one comes to witness disgusting sewerage waste overflowing from lines and inundating various lanes and prominent streets. It goes without saying that aside from the unbearable stench that these spillage results in and the difficulties commuters face, this sewerage water poses serious health hazards to the public.
There have been numerous reports of young children drowning after falling into open manholes because it was not visible due to the stagnant water surrounding it. People have been electrocuted whilst stepping into water because it had seeped into underground electrical cables. What is even worse is that this sewerage water has been known to corrode underground sweet water lines and contaminating it resulting in a host of health problems for hospitals and people living in the area. Government authorities such as KWSB or WASA, including local government bodies, either turn a blind eye to these sewerage problems or announce that concerned departments are looking into the matter and then it is forgotten as time passes by until someone raises hue and cry over it once again.
The important thing here to understand is that the underlying problem is not of sewerage water spilt out on to streets but the entire sewerage lines network and the obsolete material they are built from. The sewerage lines network of every major city in Pakistan is currently based on pipes made from Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) or Asbestos Cement (AC). Millions of rupees have been allocated for repair work and replacement of lines, yet there is no improvement in the system because recommended piping material was again either RCC or AC/pipes.
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