Unwise US attitude!

The negative impact of the US President’s speech was not over yet when the Secretary of State Mr. Tylerson threatened Pakistan of extreme consequences. In a press conference he said, the incidence of air strikes against Pakistan cannot be ruled out. The terrorists will be targeted everywhere. A warning has been issued to Pakistan if it is providing shelter to the terrorists then it should be ready to face the consequences of its actions.
He talked about the options that can be used, e.g. economic sanctions and losing the status of non-NATO ally. He further said, we will adopt a diplomatic strategy based on conditions relating to the role of Pakistan in reference to Afghan war.
Once again we are facing the prospects of America’s negative propaganda and punishment in the form of economic sanctions and non supply of defence weapons. The agenda of America has been revealed that it will target Pakistan after targeting Afghanistan as was predicted after the 9.11 attack. America has been levelling charges against Pakistan from time to time that Pakistan has not been cooperating against the terrorists. It is absurd charge and can be easily rejected based on our unflinching fight against terrorism.
Why was we given the status of Non NATO Ally if we were not cooperating against the terrorists? China and Russia have supported Pakistan in its stance. Our role in the war against terrorism has remained positive and unquestionable. America should desist from its hegemonic designs and their execution. All the dignitaries coming to visit Pakistan have seen the results of the Zarb-e-Azb & Raad ul fasad operations against the terrorists. Why did they express their satisfaction and appreciation of our efforts then? What has changed between then and now? It is ridiculous even to think about the support to terrorists.

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