Unwarranted targeting of Nisar

BOTH PPP and PTI have joined hands to unleash scathing criticism against Ch Nisar, Interior Minister, following revelations made in Justice Qazi Faiz Essa report on Quetta Massacre. The two parties not only are demanding resignation of Ch Nisar but also threatening to file a case in the apex court for the remarks made by the Interior Minister in response to the report. As some direct questions were raised on performance of Federal Interior Minister, therefore, he was duty bound to present his point of view on the matter.
Secondly, the criticism on Nisar for meeting Difa-e-Pakistan Council is also unjust as institutions like NADRA, Passport and Immigration fall under the jurisdiction of the Interior Minister that certain segments of society meet him to get their matters resolved. The reported meeting with Difa-e-Pakistan was also in the context of problems faced by DPC leaders in getting CNICs. Since the Council is not a banned outfit several sitting members of National Assembly such as Ejazul Haq, Sheikh Rashid and leaders of PML (Q) are members of the Council. Therefore, we will urge the opposition parties to stop playing politics for the sake of politics. As far their concerns on security matters, there could be lapses but at the same time one should not forget that under the incumbent interior minister, overall law and order as well as security situation has witnessed a marked improvement. Those criticising Nisar today should not forget the era of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik when terror attacks had become a routine factor and there were greater sense of insecurity amongst the people. The performance of Nisar is much better when compared with any sitting or former federal minister of any department. We are sure that without giving much ears to the criticism of the opposition, Nisar will continue his work for eradicating terrorists and other criminal elements from soil of the country. As far as lapses are concerned, we have repeatedly been urging that NACTA should be made fully functional with provision of all the funds and manpower. Isolated incidents of terrorism supported by foreign elements could easily be defeated if coordination amongst intelligence agencies is enhanced by the establishment of joint intelligence directorate. We hope government will move swiftly to make NACTA a practical and useful entity.

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