Unusual temperatures in May after 1999


An unusual change has been observed in the temperature during the Month of May after 1999 as the hot air (Loo) is now started to blow in upper and plain areas of the country. Spokesman Pakistan Meteorological Department Dr. Muhammad Hanif informed that Loo is a normal phenomena with the advent of May especially in plain areas but this year it is not started yet and hopefully expected from the third week.
Temperature recorded so far during the month remained two degree below average in upper half of the country including Khaber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir etc. while in Southern Sindh and Balochistan it remained one degree above the average level, he told APP.
Elaborating the reason of this unusual phenomena of temperature, Dr. Hanif said that there is a penetration of cold air in upper parts of the country which would also cause three to four short rains during this month.
He said, “According to climate `loo’ is nominal phenomena in May and June but this year the weather conditions are not developed which generate loo”. He also informed that in the Holy month of Ramzan, mix weather in expected with two to three rains likely. Replying a query regarding the monsoon, the Met office official said that it is so early to predict, adding that the situation would be clear in the first week of June.
However, he stated that there are chances that Monsoon might start in the third week of June.—APP

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