Unusual behaviour of Trump

IN the third and final debate on Wednesday night, Republican candidate Donald Trump became the first US presidential nominee in the history to say he wouldn’t necessarily accept the results of elections to be held on November 8. The weird billionaire — who is lagging behind his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton — did not commit not to dispute the elections to uphold tradition of peaceful transition, which provoke an institutional crisis in the United States.
Public opinion polls can some time be misleading but almost throughout the balance has been in favour of Hilary Clinton, who has also been declared as winner of the presidential debates where she fared well and her rival lost whatever image he had with the masses and the international community. The overall scenario has aptly been summed up by French newspaper Le Point which commented “Trump can no longer win, but can refuse to admit defeat”. Some analysts have also pointed out that Trump is only a step away from abyss and that he inflicted harm on himself all along the campaign. He has been hurling insults not only on religious minorities especially Muslims but also passed derogatory remarks about women. His extreme remarks and thinking on some issues of critical importance not only for the United States but the entire world is the fundamental reason for his low standing in the eyes of the US voters. During campaign on ground, media interviews and presidential debates, Trump miserably failed to make a convincing case for his candidature because of his short temper and absence of substance in his vision for the United States and beyond. As against him, Hilary Clinton demonstrated dignified conduct and built upon the good image she had as Secretary of State, conveying to Americans that she would not betray their confidence if they chose to send a woman as President of the superpower for the first time in the history.

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