Unsterilised instruments, quacks spreading hepatitis

Staff Reporter

The use of unsterilised medical instruments in beauty parlours, barber shops and dental clinics, being run by quacks, is a major cause of hepatitis A, B and allergy problems. This was stated by Chairman Patients Rights Forum and renowned pharmacist Dr Noor Advocate said in an interview here on Sunday.
He said that over 4,000 quacks were running dental clinics in Lahore only, while over 600,000 quacks were playing with the lives of the poor patients in the whole country.
He siad that despite passage of SOR 504 i.e a law passed by the federal government on Marach 9, 2015 to use all medical devices in any medical field including dental clinics, beauty saloons, barber shops or any place where skin of the person is touched by instruments, should be sterilised and metal used in devices like razer should be registered and get passed by the health authority concerned.
He said that around 20,000 beauty parlours, hundreds of dental clinics and barber shops were being run without any sterilisation process in city and there was no inspection process available to check them.
He urged the Health Department to take notice of the situation. He suggested that the department concerned should evolve a mechanism to regularly inspect the beauty saloons, barber shops and clinics, particularly dental clinics, to save people from contracting serious diseases.

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