Unrest in Balochistan

Abdul Wahab

The frequent suicidal attacks carried out by some beasts of the worst type on the ill-fated soil of Balochistan have converted the harmony of the land into disharmony. People around Pakistan, especially in Balochistan these days, are undergoing extreme agoraphobia. No one feels safe anywhere in Balochistan. Lawyers killed by the dozen in August; cadets killed by the dozen in October, and now members of the public killed in the dozen. The latest suicide attack on the Shah Noorani Shrine was grossly devastating, which claimed more than 50 lives including women and children, and left over 103 injured, some critically. It is devastating in the sense that it was carried out at a shrine of a Sufi saint.
However, one important thing should commonly be kept in mind that our nation is losing its greatest asset i.e. youth, in dozens in such attacks. If such highly destructive attacks continue to take place, soon the nation will suffer from an irreparable loss. Thus, it is high time for the central and provincial governments to put in collective efforts so as to avert such more untoward fatal attacks and revive the diminishing peace in all parts of the country.
—Absor, Balochistan

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