Unrealistic expectations from Pakistan

PAKISTAN’S Permanent Representative at UN Dr. Maleeha Lodhi has categorically stated that Pakistan was ready to work with the Afghan government through the recently-constituted High Level Mechanism to address border concerns but no one should expect Pakistan to fight Afghanistan’s war on its soil. She also exposed Afghan Government claims that Pakistan was not supportive and pointed out that Kabul will have to cooperate in fencing of the border and strict border management to effectively check cross-border activity.
Pakistani envoy was enlightening the international community about her country’s perspective on Afghanistan at a time when Prime Minister Modi and President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism and US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Olson was telling Islamabad to do more to check cross border movement of terrorists. However, the US, India and Afghanistan are conveniently overlooking many things and want Pakistan to do what coalition forces and Afghan Government have not been able to do despite massive resources at their disposal. What do you expect Pakistan to do, which has already deployed over two hundred thousand troops on Western border despite potent threats from the East? It is, however, painful that instead of acknowledging and appreciating Pakistan’s sincere efforts to fight terror in its own interest and that of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani chose to give it mischievous meanings by saying these troops are in KPK and Balochistan for ‘violence’, which needs ‘media coverage’. They also forgot Indo-Afghan collusion to destabilize Balochistan and India’s decision to grant citizenship to Brahmdagh Bugti, which speaks volumes about New Delhi’s nefarious designs to exploit dissent by a handful of elements in Balochistan to its advantage. President Ghani should also explain to the world why his Government is providing safe havens to TTP fugitives and what steps it is taking to prevent use of Afghan soil against Pakistan. Pakistan is wholeheartedly fighting war against terrorists and the war would have been over provided there was sincere cooperation from the United States and Kabul, which are playing double games in the region.

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