Unnecessary protocol should be avoided: IG Sindh


Staff Reporter

Karachi—Sindh Inspector-General Police AD Khawaja on Friday said that security was obligatory but unnecessary protocol should be avoided.
AD Khawaja also said that progress in the Amjad Sabri murder case had been made however, he could not share the details at this point in time. The IG Sindh said that there was a need to eliminate the gap between the public and police.
Regarding the new chief minister, IG Sindh said that the province would fare better under his rule.
“Things will turn out to be better for the province under the new chief minister,” he said. “I used to be Murad Ali Shah’s father’s Staff Officer. I know he wants to do a lot,” he added.
AD Khawaja said that the law allowed any citizen to arrest a criminal. He called for a unified policy across the country to cleanse the state from weapons. He praised the Police Order 2002 and said that its law was far better.
“The Police Order 2002’s law was much better,” he said. The decision regarding this order was made by the parliament,” he added.
He said that most of the target-killings take place by armed assailants on bikes. Khawaja said that the message he wanted to give to the public was that if they wanted, they could stop the target-killers.
Khawaja also said that the recruitment process in the police force should be based on merit.

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