Unjustifiable to rehabilitate non-state subjects in disputed territory


All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) on Monday said it is unjustifiable to rehabilitate non-state subjects in disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
Reacting to the statement of Dr Jatinder Sigh, MOS in PMO wherein he has justified the issuance of domicile certificates on humanitarian grounds to West Pakistan refugees, Hurriyat (G) Spokesperson in a statement said that “those trampling all norms of humanity have no right to ceremonies about humanitarian norms.”
“The worst enemies of humanity who established thousands of graveyards and threatened every human, surpassing all limits are now advocating the norms of humanity, which depicts their biased mindset to use pious vocabulary only to fulfill their mean and filthy political interests, otherwise they always feel proud to crush human values except their sycophants and their allies,” it said.
“They should ask their party men for their venomous deceitful propaganda against humans especially Muslims, as they have threatened their very existence.”
Commenting on honoring the refugee’s choice over their settlement in Jammu and Kashmir, the spokesperson questioned the minister that “if unjust and illegal aspirations and choices are taken care of, why same parameter is not being applied to the just and legal aspirations and ambitions of people of state for which our un-parallel sacrifices and along and torturous journey stands witness to compel and convenience the whole world.”
“But fascist forces like Indian rulers neither feel the pain and agony we are subjected to nor do they take seriously our struggle for last seven decades. We are least bothered about anybody occupying the highest government offices like Prime Minister or President even the refugees, but it no way justifies any non-state subject to be rehabilitated in disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.—SABAH

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