University needs more bathrooms

Students of University of Turbat (UOT) face a miserable situation due to lack of washrooms and this has become a serious issue for male and female students. For a male student, it is easier for them to relieve themselves in any open area, but what about our female students, our Baloch sisters, where do they go? They feel helpless, as university administration is doing nothing in this regard.
It is a very shameful considering the fact that our sisters are treated this way and the authorities just sit and watch without taking any initiative. Furthermore lack of potable water is another problem that students face. Surprisingly, in a university as large as UOT it is outrageous that not a single water dispenser or other type of water facility for students is found. Students have no choice but to quench their thirst by purchasing water from the canteen. But come to think about it what about the less fortunate students who cannot afford to buy water daily?
I hope the CM Balochistan will wake up to the plight of these students. Don’t deprive students of their basic needs and instead give them a secure, healthy environment.
Makran Balochistan

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